Coupon & Sale

Coupon and Sale Details:

Coupon Details:

Coupons are valid for online purchases only for most products with the following exceptions:

Exceptions to coupon usage:

  1. Items already on sale, on clearance or limited edition items.
  2. Greeting Cards purchased through our sub-sites including wedding, holiday and special occasions.  These already incorporate their own discounts or specials.
  3. Although coupons will apply to multiple items in your Cart, coupons cannot be stacked with other offers.  You can can include sale items (that will not be affected by the coupon) in your cart along with valid items discounted by the coupon.
  4. Special Orders such as printed cards that include customized information.


  1. Select the items for your cart as normal.
  2. Before checking out, you can view the coupons effect by entering the discount just below the product listing in the cart.
    Coupon Entry 1
  3. Look for the effect of the coupon in the Cart Totals.
    Cart Totals 1
  4. Looking our for the discounts in the same place, check out as normal.

Sale Items Details:

Sales are valid for online purchases only unless otherwise stated.

Item is on sale when you seen the green “On Sale” bubble on the item.
On Sale

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